SMARTS, together with ITMO University, with the support of the Government of Russia,

are implementing the project «Creation of a system for managing geographically distributed

data centers, ...» (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,agreement

03.G25.31.0229 dated 03.03.17).

Project goal: Creation of an integrated management system for scalable geographically distributed data
processing and storage centers, the communication channels of which are protected by quantum technologies.



  • Management of virtual and quantum channels between data centers.
  • Geographical distribution of data storage and computing power.
  • Management of the engineering infrastructure of the data center.
  • An integrated set of management tools.
  • Portals for administrators and users.
  • A web portal for receiving analytical information.
  • Portal for configuring services.
  • A billing portal for evaluating the actual services provided.




Under the project a pilot zone of 3 data centers is created in the Samara region,

connected by communication lines using quantum protection of data transfer.

The system under development is a domestic platform that allows you to distribute

the load between different data centers using the «cloud principle» of data processing

and storage. This approach allows for load balancing and unprecedented data security

by using of quantum communications.